Something weird with my P/L display

Please somebody help on this. I have an open position on a long call, and there p/l shows a profit of Rs 1500, but below open position is Days History where it shows P/L as 0 and LTP as 0, whereas in open position LTP shows 1.20

What is happening? Kindly help Thanks

which month’s options is that if its OCT’s option then the P/L=0 if it did not expire in the money.

It is of 30 Nov and current price still shows 1.20 rs on open position, but on day history dashboard it shows LTP 0, and P/L 0, how can it be 0

is it kite or PI? did u try logging out and logging back in? dont worry, it cant go to zero, it may be a browser error or something elz.

I am Kite Website, Tried logging out and logging in. Still the same

Use PI, kite may be able to load due to browser issues.