Source for Historical Data for Back-testing. Please Reply

I write algo-code in Python but looking for a data vendor for retail algo-traders which provides historical data either through API or in the form of CSV file.
Does anyone know where I can obtain historical price and volume data for different time frames like 1min or 15 min or 30 min for NSE listed Stocks (equities)?

Does Zerodha historical API has over the years data for such timeframes?? Please reply and let everyone know.

If anyone knows such source link Please reply with the source link.

As per the documentation, data is available in the following timeframes -

The candle record interval. Possible values are:
· minute
· day
· 3minute
· 5minute
· 10minute
· 15minute
· 30minute
· 60minute

For information about the availability of historical data for various timeframes, refer to this thread -

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