Sovereign gold bonds in zerodha demat to get redeemed with rbi

How to redeem sovereign gold bonds in zerodha demat account with rbi after 5 years without selling in secondary market. @nithin @siva

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An SGB holder seeking premature exit can approach the bank, post office, or SHCIL 30 days before the coupon date. The proceeds will be credited to the holders bank account.

RBI has explained this in their SGB FAQ, you can check out point No. 25.

Thank you for your reply @ShubhS9. So, what details I need to fetch with RBI for redemption like investor I’d etc where we get it. And also if I don’t redeem and 8 years crossed will auto redemption happens automatically and amount gets credited. And finally what zerodha helps in either redemption or early redemption other than selling in secondary bonds.

Not much idea about the process. You can write to RBI on email dedicated for queries regarding SGB at: [email protected]

Upon maturity the SGB’s will be extinguished and proceeds will be credited directly to your bank account, you don’t have to do anything. With your Zerodha account, as you’re holding SGB’s in Demat form, you can sell SGB’s anytime in secondary market.