Spam Email promoting other brokers from

Within 15 min of submitting an application for opening account with Zerodha and signing with digio, I get a spam email about ANAND RATHI SHARE AND STOCK BROKERS LTD (via [email protected]).

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May be a coincidence.

spywares, facebook, google & other search engines keep tracking what you search, which site you goto etc & send ads/spams etc based on your activity…this is common these days & you can’t do much about it…

@coolbird I know that, but that tracking is used for ads, not for sending unsolicited unsubscribed emails. Not the same.

I have used the data myself as an advertiser. This cannot and should not be used for sending emails. The data that is shared by Google adwords and Facebook is for demographic filtering and retargeting, and does not show the advertisers personal emails of people.

all info is used for sending emails too…not just ads…how do you think spam mails come to your inbox.

Google and Facebook dont sell emails. Email data is sold by web scrapers, employees, intermediaries and such. The kind of tracking that is done by BigTech is not to sell email data.

Email data is also exchanged between internet marketers who collect them in return for “Free reports/ebooks/newsletter” . The collecting is usually accepted, the exchanging is not.

I run a company in the internet marketing space and been on both sides of the spectrum. This is my experience.

I have now received email from about 4 different brokers :slight_smile:

if you read properly what i’ve stated…i’m not saying google/fb send direct mails…they track your search results to push ads etc spywares & other cookie/search result tracking programs capture your info to feed email triggers. i’ve been in IT industry for 30 yrs having internet api experience…only stating here as you’ve stated your experience. i’m writing to spread awareness for people who may not be knowing…i suggest people should run regular anti-spyware/malware/adware, clean cookies etc for protecting your computers. you may use safer browsers/search engines…

OK @coolbird
And I didn’t say you implied fb google send direct spam. I said they don’t sell email data.

Anyways I think there are people employed with intermediaries selling email data too imo… And this data can get sold and resold.