Specifying Buy Price, Stop Loss Price, and Target price at the same time in Options

Hi Experts,
I have three requirements while buying an option, for which I want to place a single order.

I want to buy one stock option at a specific price (which is different from the current market price).
Suppose wanted to buy TCS November’s 2280 strike Buy call at price INR 65 (current price is 60).

I want to set a stop loss of 5.

I wanted to set a target of 10.

I tried creating a limit, Bracket Order, but Zerodha says that MIS/BO/CO orders are blocked for this instrument.
Is there a way to do so?

Thanks in advance.

no , in options only cash trade, also you have to track manually

Fyers have started providing BO,CO for options
They have first introduced for index options

in options …stop orders get taken out easily due to huge volatility , don’t know about fyers

You can’t do all of this all at once for options. But can do one by one. Place a NRML limit buy order for option at 65
Once that trade is executed, place a limit sell order for 75 and a sL sell order for 60. That’s it.
Also these order expire at the end of the day. So you need to give fresh orders every day

Thank you for your response. This looks reasonable.

Though once while trading with BankNifty, I saw that Zerodha did not allow the same.
I had bought BNF Call Option.
And I already had a Limit order placed (to take profit).
Next I tried to place a Stop-Loss order, and Zerodha rejected the order saying something like Insufficient Margin.