Speculation a game you can't win

We’re in the midst of a wild market, with people seeking to convert a thousand dollars into a million within the span of months, if not weeks. The only way to do this is to invest in highly speculative assets and commodities – things that use risk as a selling point, and not as a deterrent. And when you’re willing to lose everything in the hopes of gaining your dreams, the way you view those gains changes dramatically.

On one hand, there’s the burden of regret resulting from selling too early (or from selling too late at a realized loss). On the other, there’s the schadenfreude you embody by selling right on time. Whichever path the asset ends up taking, there’s a mental tax to be paid on top of any monetary result, and that’s what makes this such a difficult game to internalize.


Good Post to be read by all

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I agree. But these speculations only create fluctuations in value of the stocks further leading to profits and losses. Your thread has some good information though.

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