spot < strike for CE Sold, but position P&L is Negative. WHY?

if I’ve sold NIFTY 29 Oct 2020 12200.0 CE
NIFTY (spot) 11,930.95 16.75 (0.14%)

As per my position, my P&L must be Positive but it showing Loss.
someone Please elaborate this situation.

The premium of the Option has increased after you took the position, that is why your position is showing loss.

Spot < Strike = Profit scenario only plays out when Options expire, before that as the underlying price fluctuates, so will premium of the Option.

Suggest you read the Options module on Varsity to get better understanding of the Options.

Sir, the Options Greeks in real time or at EOD one can see in SensiBull? Like in the snapshot?

Sensibull Option Greeks are realtime.

Thanks so much sir

You want somebody to elaborate the situation? Yeah?!
Lemme do that for you.
This is the situation :point_down:

you sold at 16 latest price is 81 so its a loss, you should have bought the Ce option instead