Square off December expiry options (quantity 50)

I am holding Dec expiry put options (quantity 50) ,I was on long vacation during the sept expiry week hence was not able to square-off my position.

Now as per the thread below it seems that I am left with no other option than to hold on to this position till expiry.


This is really unfair and ridiculous.NSE should either allow me to sell these options or would have force sold at the time of sept expiry.

Now I am left at mercy of god and there are high chances that at december expiry I might loose the entire premium ( Option position is already in 50% profit as I am writing )

It give me jitters by just thinking of someone who has sold 50 quantity lot size for dec options.

Theoretically his position might run into infinite losses if nifty moves drastically against him.

NSE or Zerodha whoever can , needs to look into this matter seriously.

As you have 50 Quantity you have to wait till December , no other option

U can hedge it to save profits or minimize loss. All the best