Squaring off half quantity

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Let say,
i am in a long position in intraday with 100 quantities of a scrip… And if the price hit 1R i.e (1:1) target , then i want to exit(sell) half quantity i.e 50 shares.
So to do that can i place a limit sell order at that target? Or it will create a new short position?
If yes, then what is the right method to do the above???

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It won’t create new short position. You can place a limit sell order for 50 quantity. That much quantity will be squared-off when your order is executed.

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Thank you very much sir for your speedy reply…

Sir it can also be done in case of short position in intraday also like, placing limit buy order at a 1R target to buy half quantity… Right sir?

Yes, you can do this for short position as well. Once your order is executed, the quantity specified by you will be squared-off.

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