Squaring Off long Call/Putt Position before expiry

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appreciate if you can clarify below doubts for me. :grinning:

  1. Assume i bought a call option of Nifty 50 index (Normal/CNC) on 10-Jan-2018 with a premium of Rs: 4.2. the contract is going to expire on 25-Jan-2018. as of 19-Jan -2018 the premium of option is Rs: 19.8.

Now can i square-off my position at this stage or do i have to wait mandatory till the contract expire.

  1. can i Buy a CALL option / PUT option of any “stock option” in normal and close my position after few days before the expiry date? If Yes i can, then do i have to pay anything extra apart from premium (of the stock option and Brokerage+ Taxes) which i bought.

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Syed Quadri

You can square off anytime & its not mandatory to wait till expiry.

Yes u can close your position anytime. You can use zerodha brokerage calculator for complete charges, taxes. There are no extra charges to be paid besides taxes which are shown in brokerage calculator Contract note.

Thanks Buddy, for the quick reply. appreciate your answer. Cheers :grinning: