Squaring off the position and then put another trade with same money


i have a question…Suppose i have 10,000 Rs in my account and i bought any stock/fno/currency worth 8,000 for intraday purpose…And then i sold it at 1 PM…

So my question is can i buy shares again at 1.15 PM with that 8,000 Rs.


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Yes, you can use the funds from sale of Stocks and F&O to buy other Stocks and F&O.

However, commodity is a different market segment and you will need to first transfer funds out (pay-out) from your Stocks account and transfer funds in (pay in) to your commodity account.

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Yes, you can buy.

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A related query…if I buy 8000 Rs shares,make a profit of 1500 Rs in intraday,can I buy 9500 Rs worth shares same day??

Yes, you can.

Thanks for your reply.Can i buy the stocks instantly with the sold money?

Yes. at least on Zerodha :slight_smile:

Do they charge any extra amount for that and can i do it as many times as i wish on the same day?

You will be charged the normal brokerage for each transaction. No special charge.

I understand that brokers may combine Equity and F&O as well as currency, so one can use the funds from one segment for another on the same day. Please enquire with your broker.