Srikalahasthi Pipes amalgamation

When will srikalahasthi Pipes share holders will see electrocast shares in zerodha after amalgamation? Srikalahasthi Pipes stopped trading from 13th Jan 2022.

The shares of Srikalahasthi Pipes has undergone a scheme of amalgamation with Electrosteel Castings and have been suspended from trading from January 13th onwards.

As per the scheme, you will receive 59 shares of Electrosteel Castings for every 10 shares held in Srikalahasthi Pipes as of the record date (January 14th). The timeline by which shares will be credited isn’t yet known yet.

The amalgamated shares will be visible in your holdings on Kite once they are credited in your demat account and listed on the exchanges. Any fractional units will be cash-settled by the company and proceeds will be credited to your primary bank account. You can check more info here.


Any update on this, by when we will get these shares in our Demat.

Shares have started toappear in DEMAT account but still waiting for trading approval.

Fractional shares are rounded off.

I got 1 extra share.