Staddles being sold

Can I find out what’s the maximum number/ active of straddles being sold by looking at oi data ? Can someone explain how can we identify that ?

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I don’t think that is possible to do.

I do see some PPL claim, smart people have sold 15000 straddle … How does one find that out ?

I think if Open interest of same strike price increased on both call & put, they assume people are going straddle.

It’s a mere assumption.

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Sounds like something PR Sundar says. It’s usually a guess made by looking at the OI data in both CE/PE side.

This is 1st April 2021. I noticed that a lot of interest had been built up around 33400 CE/PE. When I noticed that, I had also taken position for intraday to get some profit from the range bound market. (My earlier trade was a Short straddle in 33500)

^ attached position from that day. APR1 was a expiry day.

Enjoyed some decay and then booked profit.

Market moved up and saw some short covering on that same day. Market closed around 33900/34000.

I will end with this quote, “You see, You do not observe” - Sherlock Holmes.