Stamp duties uneven in all state

Stamp duty in percentage is quite uneven for different states totally undemocratic as state government is giving no service to traders or incurring any charges to maintain stock exchange running it’s all taken care by NSe or exchange s running it so my request to Zerodha is to raise this issue with FM to have one stamp duty chrged to every state irespective of zone we can also cerate online petition and I am sure every trader will vouch for the cause. AP has 50 RS max stamp duty and if AP can do it why not all… traders please vote for the one nation one stamp duty …

A levy of uniform stamp duty was announced in the budget earlier this year. The stamp collection will soon be implemented through the stock exchanges or their clearing corporations. Check the amendment to this effect in the Indian Stamp Act below:


Any estimate till when this will be finally implemented? Because this release is of February and yet no decision has been made.

Since multiple stakeholders (state governments, central government, exchanges, regulators, etc) are going to have to work together to push this through, it could take time. But the implementation should ideally happen in a month or two, before the next budget.

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