Stamp Duty charges - Finvasia

This is the stamp duty charges mentioned on finvasia. The charges for the other states (like Arunachal, Jharkhand )are quite different than those mentioned by Zerodha for some states. Finvasia says Rs10/day while on Zerodha it is 0.003% per trade. Shouldn’t this be the same for all brokers as this is state’s charges?
Anyhow from 9th, charges will become uniform all over India, but why this discrepancy in rates now?

but bhai, if you look it this way
One has to pay 40rs per trade if you place 5 trades (40*5=200) brokerage+ stamp duty but you have to pay total 10rs (only stamp duty) to finvasia that too in selected states. Toh ye zyda better nahi hua?

and that information is not hidden. They toh openly say that you have to pay the taxes. And he got this from their own website no?