Stamp Duty Charges

What is the stamp duty charges for Chandigarh? Is it as per Haryana or Punjab?

Go to this link ( go to bottom of the page where it asks for your state of residence. Select it you will know.

So…for Chandigarh I should check for Haryana or Punjab?

Stamp duty in Uttar Pradesh increased by 25 Times

Yesterday got a circular from Zerodha. To quote "Stamp duty for the state of Uttar Pradesh has been revised to 0.05% or maximum Rs. 1000 per day for all segments with immediate effect. " Yesterday’s contact note has also this new revised stamp duty.

So, has it been increased by 25 times. Buying and selling of 1 lot NF means around 850 Rs stamp duty!!!

@nithin - Is zerodha taking it up with relevant authority? This is making it simply impossible to trade.

PS: This should be probably in seperate thread but I am not able to create one. Everytime it shows me error -Category can’t be blank