Stamp duty killing scalpers! Eating profits!

There are many posts made on this topic.
Stamp duty is actually killing scalpers. It is eating up a lot of profits. Specially when I calculate from the brokerage calculator.

My God Karnataka has very high stamp duty. Are traders rebeling against this issue?
I find a need to move to Andra Pradesh or Telangana. They have a max 50rs and 100 RS per day policy.

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Or at least an address proof I guess is sufficient

how many trades do u take per day ?

wait till election result , all over india it will become 0.003%

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Wtf. I’m from Telangana. I pay 100 max. I’m already screwed by STT and other charges. If stamp charged as per 0.003 again i will be screwed i guess.

Multiple scalping trades in futures should be done only if you are broker(or member of exchange?) wherein you can avoid clearing, brokerage and even stamp duty (as you are not generating contract note!). Or may have to try the options instead.

I take about 5-8 trades everyday.

I haven’t looked into options. And I see stt charges are nil.

Yes. It almost rats half the profits :joy::sleepy:

THIS IS AP below is KAR
I have put four trades off lots szes 1,10,100,1000.
Hope this changes soon. Or i will have to look into options. Now i need to study even more :lying_face:


and since scalpers catch small moves these charges are eating profits.


I see STT is zero. In here STT is high. So both are equal.

See the stamp duty charges

STT for currencies is zero across India.

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