Start the New Year with a New SIP for your Loved Ones

2020 has been a year for the history books, and thankfully, it’s coming to an end! This year, the world seems to have turned upside down and so have our usual festivities.

Diwali; the Festival of Lights, was a much needed celebration, a break for us all. In our celebratory mood, we all love to shower our family and friends with gifts.

But have you ever stopped to consider that buying materialistic things is not the only way to make your loved ones happy?

This festive season is also the right time to start an investment and gift them the happiness they deserve.

Be it your child’s education, their marriage or a family vacation - you can begin planning for it now and start investing.

Starting an SIP considering the goals of your loved ones is an excellent gift- one they will cherish their entire life.

The thing with SIPs is that they are affordable and flexible: It is suitable for any wallet size. You can start with an investment as low of Rs.500 per month.*

Together with that they offer a host of other excellent benefits!

Investing through SIPs will enable you to benefit from the power of compounding . As a responsible parent, caring for your family never stops. Why stop now when your SIP investments has the potential to grow your investment corpus to achieve one of these goals that brings a smile to your loved one.
This illustrates the effect of compounding with just a monthly SIP of Rs. 1000 at an assumed rate of return of 10%.

*Note: Quantum Mutual Fund offers SIP as low as Rs. 100 per month.

This is for illustration purposes only. Investments through SIP is subject to market risks and does not assure a profit or returns or protection against a loss in downturn market.

Planning your SIPs helps you be better prepared against future risks; for instance inflation.

As we see in the infographic here, it is important to plan your SIPs and continue investing which has the potential to meet your child’s dreams for the future.

To calculate on your SIPs and how to allocate assets, check our mutual fund calculators:

Child’s education Child’s marriage Family Vacation

Make your investment cost-efficient with an SIP: SIPs lets you avail the benefit of rupee cost averaging. In the stock market, investors ‘time the market’ and buy low and sell high. With an SIP, you don’t need to time the market. When the stock prices are low, SIPs allocate an investor more units, and allots lesser units when the stock prices soar high, thereby averaging out his/her savings automatically.

The following table is for illustration purposes only. It shows how many units you can purchase at a given monthly net asset value (NAV) of the SIP you chose.


Become a disciplined investor with an SIP: A lesson that many experienced investors learn is if you don’t invest regularly in a disciplined manner, it is likely that you may fall short of your investment goals or end up disillusioned. Investing through an SIP ensures that you are investing regularly and in a hassle-free manner.

This year, with the pandemic playing havoc with our livelihoods and lives, it’s a great time to think differently and yet stay ahead of the pack.

Start SIP investments for your family.

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Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks,
read all scheme related documents carefully.