Start trading for beginners

I want to start trading preferably options
I have a job and want to start trading to supplement by income. I have been fairly active with investing in market with some SIP and individual stocks

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How long?

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continue with this even if you start trading. Dont stop.


What happens if he stops? :roll_eyes:

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All hell breaks loose.

Nothing will happen.

Not one brick will fall from a wall :grin:

whole wall might fall forget about a single brick.

i would say for initial step go through Varsity.

Can one walk through Varsity or we need Uber :oncoming_taxi:

say no to uber in market please, just walk, if you tumble get up and start walking again. repeat the process. either you will fail or reach the destination.

So, do you have experience with trading or you just invested?

2 years

Just investing.
Have been investing using news, tips and some basic analysis

how’s the return till now.

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How much capital do you intend to trade with?

My current unreliased return is 14% in stocks
SIP are running at 16.5%

for starters, i want to start low. I am looking around 50k - 1lac to get the experience

Trading is different, trading FnO is very different. There is a lot to learn, complex products.

Have you looked at learning, reading or watching videos?

Be mentally prepared to lose it all to learn.

I have been watching various youtube videos and reading blogs.
I think i fairly understand what are options. I am not sure if i understood how to put that to practice.