Startup platform

Any startup investing platform from zerodha??

The team invests in startups through Rainmatter. But no platform for public investing in startups.

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Sharing links to the Rainmatter websites -

Rainmatter Fintech -
Rainmatter Climate -


Thanks for the reply,
But any trustworthy startup investing platform for the public just like zerodha.

Holy mother of God Zerodha is way bigger than I thought. I am willing to sell my house and buy a call option on Zerodha right now.

It is not who we are underneath, it is what we do that defines us - Batman :bat:

It is not what a company does, how profitable it is, is what matters when it gets traded.

For more info, logout from your Facebook and see how Facebook stock has performed the last 1 year (if you don’t know) :grin:

I dont have facebook. Its waste of my time is my belief.


So you will, if Zerodha gets listed :grin: