Statement which shows the total cost of purchase


I am looking for a statement that shows me something like this:

Holdings as of March 31 2021
Fund A | 5 units | TOTAL purchasing price = Rs. 50,000 | TOTAL current price = Rs. 75,000 | Unrealized gains = Rs. 25,000
Fund B | 4 units | TOTAL purchasing price = Rs. 20,000 | TOTAL current price = Rs. 15,000 | Unrealized gains = Rs. -5,000

I might have bought a fund units at various NAV over the years, I might have sold some units over the years, but with what was in my account as of March 31 2021, I want to know the TOTAL purchasing price of all the units. Is there a way to find this?

Thank you

Which total? Gross or net total? This is not clear from your description.

In any case: if what you need not already present in the web portal, your best bet would be to compute it on your own using Google sheets (or MS Excel) after downloading the list of all transactions in CSV/Excel format.

From what I have seen before on this forum and on the Zerodha blog, requests for new types of reporting have near-zero chances of getting implemented any time soon.

I think I meant net total because if I sold something before March 31 2021 I don’t want those units included in the total.
I’m not sure how to do this on Google sheets. Buys and sells will be on separate rows. How do I match and subtract them? How do I know which units Coin sold when I sold if I have purchased units over a period of time.

The “standard” way to do this (because this is what the tax department expects) is to do these computations in the “first in, first out” (FIFO) manner. This means that those shares/units which you purchased first, get sold first.

I am not good at Excel, so I don’t know if there is an automatic way to do this (there probably is!). But you can do this manually by following the FIFO order. It does take a time and effort to get this done this way.

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