Steak Signals are Skipped In real Trade

When I backtest my stratergy Its show Profitable results . Hoever when I deploy it for real is done work.

Backtest for the same date show high now Indicators/Signals but when I check the Order log of real trade it shows very Indicators .

Idicators/Signals are skipped which lead to loss.

The Screenshots clearly shows the between 10:00 - 01:00 there are many buys alret in backtests but only 1 in Live trading ?

@Streak can you.

Hi @Imran_niazi ,

In your own screenshot, we see that the alert was sent at the right time (10:18am, BUY ALERT), but the action on the notification was taken by you at 1.49pm(USER ACTION). So no alert will come in between till the first alert has not been acted on, as the strategy is waiting for you to act on it.

That I know My question is why there were no more Buy alrerts. I have more data if required I will share.

Alert in Live and paper trades are less which leads to loss in trade.

Now backtest shows the Buy @9:25 am but in paper trade there is no Singnal till 9:44 am

@Streak this is Big problem Signals are getting skipped. I request you to please look into the actual rather than point others things .

Have read the help section and understood how streak works? It is clearly mentioned in the previous respose that “no alert will come in between till the first alert has not been acted on, as the strategy is waiting for you to act on it.

The same logic is followed in lives trades.

When did you deploy the strategy?

@Krishnendu Thanks for the replay and I understood what you ant to say.
But The Porblem is still there I am share the Todays backtest and paper Trade data the alret are getting skipped.
Here is beacktest data

Here is Paper trade Order log

@Streak if you campare the Buy and Sell Alert In Backtest and In paper trading you will understand the probelm .

  • First trade Time Different > Ok I understood

  • The Second buys Alert in paper trade fired at 10:18 am on Price 1495.90
    In backtest Its 10:15 on Price 1495.95 > Ok This is Fine .

  • The second Sell Alert in paper trade Fired at 10:48 am on 1495.65
    whereas In backtest its Sell is at 10:33 on Price 14.95 > Why there is so much difference in the Time in 3 mins candle.

  • After Second Alert in paper trade , there Huge Difference in time and price both.
    I understand the difference of 3 mins in 3 mins candle but there are 15 to 30 mins delay .

  • @Streak Please go there the Backtest and Orlder log Screenshot carefully , you will understand what is the issue .

@Imran_niazi ,

Hope you got a satisfactory explanation for the difference.

Here is a link that you can refer