Step by step guide to redeem fractional units of Liquidbees (Zero paperwork)

I have ICICI Bank account. I registered the CDSL beneficiary account as ICICI virtual account (Current account) with the account number as CDSD followed by my DPID. However, on easiest p/f, the amount is not reflected.

Does it take time to reflect ?

It is reflecting today.

How can i have the interest certificate and the TDS certificate of the shares money invested in Liquidbees?

Thanks @rupeshmandal Rupesh Sir
I had say 55.015 liquidbees and got info of alternative growth option for pledging.
I can sell whole units and simply ignore partial units…
How it effects financially? ’

Will 0.015 units will be reduced by equivalent percent Expense Ratio so that we can ignore noise or in long term it affects like compounded fines in dormant (saving) account ?

I mean why to take this much hassle for partial units…
Please suggest

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Please don’t call me Sir. Rupesh is good enough.

Yes, you can sell the whole 55 units. And you can ignore the partial units altogether and they linger around in your portfolio.

But it’s like you have broken up with your gf and her stuff is still lying at your home. If you can make peace with it, it’s okay. Else you can sell those fractional units back to the AMC in an off-market transaction as I have mentioned in the steps above and get a clean slate.

Fractional units don’t grow any further. They are stagnant. And when something is stagnant it stinks over a period of time. Like I mentioned above, if you have a cold and you can’t smell it (in covid times that’s an alarm if your smell sense isn’t there, get tested if so), if you are at peace with it, let it be in your portfolio. It’s not gonna bite you for sure. But if those fractional units hurt you every time you see them, you have to get rid of the fractional units from your portfolio to make it a clean slate.

Hope this helps.

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As per the discussion on this thread, Liquidbees fractional units do give dividends. In my above post, I had mentioned that Liquidbees fractional units don’t pay dividends. I stand corrected here. Apologies, if the incorrect information published earlier has misled anyone.

Thank you Rupesh, I was able to dispose my fractional units following the steps in your email. Well written and kudos to your humor esp the one co-relating the fractional units to the stuff left back by gf. :slight_smile:
Some changes that I had to make from the steps mentioned are

  1. Register the following account as the trusted account. Probably Nippon AMC changed their account details lately.

  2. Market Type and Counter Market Type are mandatory. I selected ‘Rolling Normal’ and it worked.

After following the above steps, the fractional units got debited from my demat account the next day. I am still waiting for the equivalent amount to be credited in my bank, which might take up to a week as mentioned in this post.

I might be asking a very simple question here. What is the PIN that we need to enter after clicking on “Commit”?

Thanks for your update, I have an issue with IFSC code of CDSL ICICI bank transfer . But it says that IFSC = ICIC0000104. is not found.(or no branch exist for the IFSC code).

ICIC0000104 is the correct IFSC code. Did you select type of account as Current account ? Please ensure that you enter the same details as shown in screenshot in this email thread. It worked for me.

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You would have this PIN in your email inbox sent by CDSL. If you don’t have this, you can always reset the PIN (under Miscellaneous menu) after logging into CDSL Easi portal.

Yes i have selected Current account only. Actually it was working for my bank account 5 days back . Now i am trying to add same for my spouse account, now getting error as No matches found for given IFSC code. Hope they have changed IFSC itseems.

What is the reference number? Where can I find that?

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@rupeshmandal : Thanks for posting this helpful information. Have just 1 query regarding adding Trusted BOID, I am logging to CDSLEasiest using Zerodha BO ID but its not allowing me to add this same BOID as a trusted ID giving error as Login BOID cannot be added as Trusted ID. Please let me know what to mention there

@rahul_tikekar this may help!

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Thanks Rupesh. was able to add Trusted PIN.

Hey Sonia, I’m facing the same issue where its mandatorily asking me to enter the market type. Could you please elaborate on the solution?

Facing the same issue. It’s asking to enter the market type.
Any resolution you received @Vineet_Kalghatgi @Sonia_Nischal.



Hi, Please create a ticket using support portal and send us the screenshot of the same so that we can talk to CDSL team and find a solution for the same.

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Hey @akhilesh.ism, i just tried setting the market type to ‘rolling normal’ for both, and that seemed to work. I was able to clear my fractional units.