Still i am new please tell, it is a buy call. - current price 989, target =1175, stop loss =1064, and price of scrip is increasing, what is it means, i can't understand, please tell

You are talking about force motors, hold on.


Force motors has already touched its upper circuit limit today, i.e. 20% upside. So do not buy now.

You should have bought when it was 1100 or 1050, now its too late.

If you just want to know what it means, here it is:

The current price in the market for that company’s share is Rs: 989.

Target means the price you expect it to touch, usually you have to reevaluate your position/partly or entirely book profits as per your strategy once your target is reached.

Stop loss is a safety measure you take while trading, it means that you do some transaction expecting either the price to increase/decrease however if the opposite happens then you are under loss. So, to avoid the loss in such cases you have a pre determined loss value after which you wont want to take any further losses and will close the transaction with the pre determined loss amount.

There seems to be an error in the example you have given because the stop loss value in a buy order should be less than the current price/buying price however you have given a higher price than current price for stop loss.

Also would suggest you not to get carried away by those agencies which gives out such calls and charge exorbitant amounts for that, you might end up paying them and also making a loss in your trade, take it slow, learn things by yourself and trade slowly in small quantities.