Stochastic result query

hello ,

i have query regarding stochastic indicator on KITE & PI .

i used standard STOCH OSCILLATOR in both KITE & PI .

the one in KITE has given short signal , but one in PI is yet to overlap .

kindly tell me why so ?

thank you

Please check the parameters of %K and %D etc., on both pi and kite, and make sure both input parameters are given same values… drop an email to [email protected] for further queries

i do not understand what exactly do you mean by %K & %D ?

  1. PI STOCH-OSC paramters are (9,3,9,0)
  2. KITE STOCH is a 14 period oscilator.
    both are in standard settings i have not edited anything.
    customer care says i post the query here in open forum :slight_smile: