Stochastic rsi which is given in


kindly provide stochastic rsi indicator in kite which is given in


Any update on this? Do we have stochastic rsi indicator in kite?


yah, its a true intraday indicator with perfect result…plz provide it zerodha…


Hello Zerodha, any update on this? Pl provide Stochastic RSI indicator asap. Thanks


Any updates?


This is really shocking this request is open for a while but i dont see any comment on it from Zerodha.

This is a really good indicator can be very handy


i think its already present…


@siva - can you please update?


@Abid_Hassan @siva @nithin please provide this indicator on kite…


Will check the possibility of adding this with our vendor.


@siva Thank you!


@siva and one more thing, if you could also merge the volume bars with the chart then it would save up a lot of space on the screen.


Can try volume underlay indicator instead volume chart.


@siva yea got it, also by when can we get the stochastic rsi? @nithin @Abid_Hassan


This will take more time, will update you if this is added.


@siva any update on stochastic RSI? And we were told that licensing on data feed is expensive of you guys but is there any way we can get a crude oil, gold and silver and some other mainstream commodities charts? Not the future chart but the actual price of the commodity or even any hybrid of the two will do the job.


@Aditya_Bhat i think you are new here
when i was new here I also had few requests but as time go I knew they don’t care but can reply you as “will take more time”


ya i’m fairly new on this platform, let’s see if something happens in the next 2-3 weeks, that’s the max time i’ll be able to be patient. But not everything is ignored, the single best thing they did is they bought in sensibull, helped a bit, and promising other new features. All we can do is just wait. :roll_eyes:


This should feature should have been added in Zerodha long time back n there are so many other features such as switch to live market window, news notification, block deals n whether the stock is in bullish, bearish or in neutral trend…I have downloaded stocknote n stockedge…both are good but not 100 per cent good… stockedge price update lagging , money control no update on realtime basis.there are. O support n resistance levels.i think edelweiss n investoing is good…but loading investig app takes lot time
Does any have better app ?


sensibull is not free for lifetime :sweat_smile: