Stock Analysis (Fundamental & Technical)

1.If Anyone is following any Stock and He know Everything about that Stock It will be helpful for others members If he share that information with Us.

2.We will do analysis of Stocks here.

3.Just post the stock Name and Experience Investor will Tell you What to do with that stock.

4.You Will Also Receive Guidance Related to your Holding. Experience Investor will guide you better.

Looking Forward for Healthy participation from fellow Members.
This will make Easy to Achive our Goals and People will learn What are the parameters to looks for Analysis.

Thank you.

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This is a great initiative.

I have bought COLPAL at 1040. Should I hold it Is it a good stock to keep in long term.

Thanks in advance

I have seen @Sanket Brings very Interesting data about everything.
Please give your views brother.

I have Rain Industries. I want to know if it is still a good bet or I sell it.

Rain Industries consolidated from 2009 almost more than 8 years, so much more higher level it will reach, But " If i were in your position " take 50% of profit when it moves further 5-10% hold rest and again on good correction buy again.

Just Now, Saw COLPAL Chart.
Stock have a Support at 1025 Levels.
I Don’t know why it’s going down from Last 4 Trading sessions.
Although I found Something Interesting thing about COLPAL. It’s Delivery ℅.
At Present Delivery % is 88.59℅ Buying is going on.
And Its Increasing from Last 1 Month.
You can see some action very soon.

Investors are Booking Profits in RAIN.
At Present Delivery % 20.07

In Last Trading Session RAIN Tried to Break 315 Level and Broke but not able to sustain Above 315 level. It tried many Times to Break 315 level again but fail to achive it.

Will see High levels again once Buying start.

I too have this stock. It seems to have bullish run from here. Expected to go rs 400 in near future and rs 500 in mid time frame.
Stay invested.

I too have Rain industries. Will hold till atleast 350. Also will add more but after results which is on 8th. I am expecting profit booking if results aren’t that good. Will only exit completely after next quarter results.

Not a big fan of FMCG stocks, but lemme check it out.

had missed investing in it at 30 bucks due to the lack of funds. But the run-up since is scary. Smart people I know still have their bets on the stock and MOSL came out with the report on the stocks, you guys should check it out.

i have 200 shares of arcotech @102.00.but it is now 47.if any possibility to guide.

Will give the Review later but Lookes Like you will see some Action in This stock Today for sure.

Stock was Stuck at Upper Price Band Today.

How did you conclude that there would be some action that day, and it actually was locked at UC? What indicators / patterns did you see, or any other insights would be very useful and highly appreciated. Thanks!

hello friend i am just 20 years old and college student and i m interested in stock market treding but more in investing
i want to know how to select stock for investment and for trading
and also take a look to my stock selection please
and give me your valuable suggestions.

you are doing well in investing/trading , continue that, note that during bull market , defensive sectors like FMCG will not give much returns. Try to learn TA , apply it for entry & exit.

Read books on investing - start with Learn to Earn by Peter Lynch.

  1. You Doing Good Keep it Up.
  2. Avoid Day Trading.
  3. Continue On Investing.
  4. Keep Your Hunt on For Good Stock Which You Think will Give Good Result on Next quarterly Result Look at Their Balance sheet, Profits etc and Buy Them and Sit Tight.

Yes Bank - I have bought some in the recent correction @309. Suggestions on the stock.