Stock based upper circuit

Kotak bank hit upper circuit 1558 but now is traded at 1564 after brief halt , how?

Stocks which have derivative contracts on them have dynamic Circuit Limits, as and when the stock hits this limit it is immediately relaxed further.


Is relaxation provided any number of times if so why keep the upper circuit at all?

There is no limit on how much the stocks which have derivatives contracts on them can rise or fall. The Circuit Limits are in place to ensure trading is done within the specified range to prevent erroneous order entry.


Where do we get a list of such stocks? this happened with airtel today as well.

List of stocks which are part of F&O segment? you can get all the information on NSE website.

Just to add to the discussion. Both Airtel and Kotak are part of Nifty50 index. One of the criteria to get included in N50 index is that the stock should be traded in derivatives.
As Shubh59 mentioned, the stocks that trade in derivatives have essentially no upper or lower limit. Hence all N50 stocks are allowed to go wild in any direction.

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