Stock credit mail from cdsl after selling

Hello, I bought 500 quantities of a certain stock at around 3:26 PM last Thursday.

I sold it today at around 10 AM today.(It showed T1 at the time of selling).Now at 3:10 PM today, CDSL sent a mail stating those 500 shares have been credited to my dp account. Will there be any problem or this is a normal procedure if T1 holding is sold. Though technically it’s T2 today.

Today is T+2 day, so as per the settlement cycle, the shares which you bought on Thursday have been credited to your demat account.

@ShubhS9 So as per my understanding, today the stock was written as T1 in my holdings because settlement was probably yet to happen and finally happened at 3:10 PM.
So right now 500 shares are present in my dp account. But I have already sold it before that took place. So there won’t be any mismatch right? I will get a debit message from cdsl by Wednesday right?

There won’t be any mismatch. As you’ve sold the shares, the same will be debited from your account to give delivery.

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