Stock delivery......btst


Hi Guys,

Kindly clarify my doubts,

If I bought some quantities of stock, shall I sell into tomorrow?? I mean BTST…is there any problem or charges applied for my account?


Yes, You can sell the stocks on (T+1) day. No additional charges applied.


Many of them told tat, we cant sell till t+2 days…bit confused about tat bro


Actually its varry from platform to platform. On Zerodha you can sell it on next day.


Thanks a lot


There can be huge penalties in cases like short delivery. See


My BTST order getting rejected with message
Insufficient holdings, or you are placing a short sell order using CNC. Try placing MIS/BO/CO

I have purchase 10 stocks in cnc and trying to sell 5 on next day cnc


BTST can be done in all shares but some brokers do not allow BTST in T2T group shares.