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I think these kind of Buffett principles create more loss than anything else in years like 2018.

I can see lot of Hiroshimas and Nagasakis in today’s market, yes they dont destroy in one day, but they are moving towards ZERO slowly, and people just hold on to it in the garb of “long term investing”

Long term investing done on wrong stocks can be as lethal as FNO margin trading

I have lost 350000 rs in intraday trade.can I recover my money

True I still know some people who hold jp associates at 145 suzlon and 90 . And Reliance capital at 2000+ levels. They still are optimistic that these stocks will rebound some day.


Three types of animals in Indian stock market


From Twitter.

I loved the cartoon


Lol, last reaction. :joy:


OMG :joy::joy::joy: Hilarious :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


People will really confuse if operator says “Buy SAIL”


Good luck for those who trade based on CNBC news and tips. Typical CNBC tweet below


I am holding long dollar position for few days, the USDINR opens gap up (INR is gap down), I feel OK. And suddenly I see this tweet… I was like WTF!!! what did I miss . Did I Miss cash market opening move ( I hold futures)…. and I scramble for cash market quote…

Ohh Man… F*** CNBC.





Damn true



Always a big doubt going inside the mind of traders…








SBI results.

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I was just checking Tweets and look what I found.

Akhshay Kumar and Stocks

Tata Motors
Dollar Ind

Do you see any pattern? :smiley:


Hi @Dhruv_JC Hahaha :joy: I don’t know… But is it a Bearish Pattern?:joy::joy:


his ads :stuck_out_tongue: