Stock market related jobs without restriction on personal trading

Hi, As I understand most stock market related jobs have restriction trading personal account. Some put restriction on intraday, derivatives like that. In which all areas we can trade our personal account (without compliance burden) at the same time be involved some sort of job related to stock markets.

I think the restriction stems from 2 things:

a. If you’re working for an Investment bank or any such entity, you would be privy to information that wouldn’t be available on public domain. As such, trading on such inside information is illegal which is why such firms put a restriction on employees from trading.

b. Day trading including trading in derivatives requires your constant focus and attention. Now if you’re going to spend your whole day in front of a system monitoring your trades, when is it that you’re actually going to work? Why would an employer want to hire such resources?

What’s Zerodha policy regarding this . Does it allows it employees to make direct investment in stocks.

We allow investing in Mutual funds only. If one wants to invest into specific stocks, pre approvals have to be obtained.