Stock market tutorials in Telugu language

Hello friends,
This is Suneel, a person from Andhra Pradesh.
I’m willing to post some videos.They will be in Telugu language.If I’m not allowed to post any of such things feel free to delete this topic.
Thank you

Try youtube and post that link here. Would be beneficial for many reasons.

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This video explains all asset classes.
Why should we invest?
Where to invest? Etc…

This Video explains about all participants and regulators of Indian Stock market

This video explains about all the institutions that we see in market like brokers,exchanges,depositories,DPs,AMC,PMS etc.,

In this video I explained about all the institutions we directly interact indetail.

In this video i explained about Angel Invelstors,Venture Capitalist ,PE Investor(Private Equity Investor).
Thank you

This video clearly explains about IPO Initial Public Offering.

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In this video i explained about,
How Stocks Are traded?
How Price Change?
How to Calculate returns?
What is Absolute returns?
How to calculate absolute returns?
What is CAGR?
How to calculate CAGR?
Types of Traders,
Day Traders,
Swing Traders,
Growth Investors,
Value Investors.
Thank you

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