Stock, not traded for last 30 days

What to do with the stocks, which are not traded for last 30 days. Trying to sell, but unable.

Nothing bhiayya, you are stuck. You trade garbage stocks, you end up with garbage in your demat. The only thing you can hope pray some really good gods. And don’t eat non-veg until buyers return to the stock.

Which stock is this?

Please try to place an AMO…In my experience the order gets executed at the first priority…

@Liya, AMO orders will not help here. AMO orders are used to place orders for the next trading day. In the above case, the stock isn’t trading at the exchange itself because there are no sellers.

Most of the time sbuyers are there…But they are very few…The selling got over in split seconds and then buyers column show no one…This happens in morning trade…For egs…I sold Goa Carbon by this method…buyerscolumn showing none…at that time…

For this selling AMO order was placed in market prize mode