Stock Option Margin in case of Hedged Position

I Have Future long @ 813 in Coromandal Int for Sept month and have shorted 850 CE @ 12 and 900 CE @3 for same month. I have facing a liquidity issue in sq off call options as their is no seller available selling at fair price. Future also have liquidity issue to the some extend but its still manageable.

I am thinking of rolling over my Futre to oct and letting the OTM call options expire worthless. Will their be need of any additional margin requirement since both are fairly OTM.

In case thier is margin requirement I would like to know how much and how its being calculated.

I would be very much thankful If someone could help me in this…

Yes, on expiry day the margin requirement will increase to 40% of the contract value or SPAN + Exposure margin (whichever is higher). If you’re getting any margin benefit, you will continue to get the same.