Stock Recos by Brokers/Experts


Is there any similar website like below, gives the list of stock recos by all brokers,
to find the most recomd stocks
Past Recos status, whether profit or not
Broker Rating, etc

But the research/ratings are pretty much pointless.


The only thing I can add is that instead of focusing on the “Buy/Sell” , go through the parameters that they have analyzed to come up with the recommendation. You keep looking at these reports month-after-month and over a period of time you will start developing a cohesive story about the operations of the company, it’s key challenges and opportunities.

All this research, when done by ourselves, would be impossible to do. So think of someone doing homework for you :slight_smile:

My 2 cents…



Nobody beats Reuters here. Look at sample from Reuters website. I have Reuters newsfeed from broker which is even better.


Any View on Bharti Airtel 400 CE April Option ( price 7 Rs) ?? As bharti airtel has touched it support and hold above.

Any reason why you say the research reports are pointless? Genuinely asking.

It’s just a bunch of gibberish put together by some recently passed our MBA kid by a brokerage in the hopes of drumming up business for his broking firms. At most the only useful thing these reports do is to collate information already out in the public domain.

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Ah okay! Gotcha. Thanks for replying.

atleast we can review those…