Stock/Shares Physical Delivery?

3 Conditions 

I have a Demat account bridged with Zerodha(obviously) :-P,

Condition 1.

Bought Shares say Axis Bank from NEST/Pi Terminal with NSE exchange

Bought shares say Airtel from Nest/Pi Terminal with BSE exchange

now want physical delivery of shares to my hand either both(NSE and BSE) or any one(NSE/BSE) exchange, then what is the procedure for physical delivery.

Condition 2. 

Where to sell the shares(Physical format) after say 1yrs 

Condition 3.

My friend want to buy stock as investment , and is not interested in trading, want to invest in long term,but need physical delivery of shares. Can i buy the shares in the name of my friend from my DeMat account


Fahad Malik

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You can’t take physical delivery directly from the Exchange. You can take delivery of shares to your demat account and then ask your DP to rematerialize the shares by which you can get share certificates.

Yes, you can buy stocks on behalf of your friend. However the shares will come to your demat account. You can rematerialize and hold physical certificates in your name. If you wish to transfer it to your friend’s name, you’d have to surrender these certificates to the company’s R&T agents who will issue new certificates in your friend’s name.


Thanks for the reply,
But my concern is if i suppose buy Share from Nest/Pi Trading Software of Airtel (NSE and BSE)
Then how can i get the physical delivery.?? . Its in Trade book that i bought share of Airtel…
Now i want print format so that i can use it as wealth and portfolio.

There is a form called Rematerialization form, which you need to submit to your DP (example IL&FS), along with your demat account details. They will charge you around 25 rs per share certificate they create or 0.05% of the share value.
Once you submit this form and pay, your DP will remove your shares from your demat account (which you have bought using Nest/PI and you can see those in your Holdings section) and create a physical certificate in your name and courier you to your official address.
Simply you can call your DP or trading member like zerodha, to get full details.