Stock trading games & copy trading platforms in India?

The sudden expansion of TAM (Total Addressable Market) for trading has led to a jump in startups & VCs scouting opportunities. A common idea we see in @Rainmatter conversations is fantasy stock trading games & copy trading. Here’s why this isn’t feasible.


Thanks @nithin for posting this. There are so many ideas in this space but law is not very supportive as compared to other countries.

When you say “data feed is being used for any other purpose, there is a cost to it”, even if I subscribe to Kite Api and use live feed to build a product (not gaming/copy trading) to display live ticker values, will it be allowed or will have to buy feed from NSE?

If have to buy from NSE, it would be prohibitive to experiemet with the ideas.

Yeah, you would have to first sign up with a NSE authorized data vendor and get permission from exchange. You can’t publish the data that you receive using Kite APIs, they are only for personal use.

Where can I get historical price data of expired Bank nifty weekly options for backtesting @nithin

You will have to reach out to a data vendor. Try Truedata or Global data feeds .

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how do i participate in the “Copy Trading” ?

Copy Trading: The next big thing in India (

There isn’t any copy trading platform in India today.