Stocks blocked for MIS trading


Hi, there are many stocks which are blocked for MIS trading.I could see list of around 400 stocks from NSE which are blocked.I think its huge number.The reason provided by zerodha is for risk management purpose for this.This doesn’t give a full functionality for trading.No margins are provided for these stocks only CNC is allowed.My questions is even though the company is recognised such as Infosys, still you don’t provide margin on those stocks.For retail investors margin provides a good option for trading and we miss lot of good trading opportunities because of this.I am not happy with this.Is there any possibility in future to handle this?


Who told you Zerodha doesn’t provide leverage on Infosys? this means you haven’t researched this scenario enough!


The list of stocks and the amount of margin required for trading them in MIS is decided based on volatility and liquidity. Only the stocks on this list are not allowed for intraday trading. You can still buy them in CNC and then sell on the same day, but selling first is not allowed.