Stocks' constant upper circuits

Respect to all the experts here…

My question is that Alok Industries and Ruchi Soya Industries are triggering their upper circuits daily irrespective of market trend. Should I invest in them for a week to earn quick money?

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TBH you should stay away from this stocks.

Firstly, there are a lot of interested buyers in these stocks but very less sellers so chances of your buy order getting filled are very less.

Now coming to the risky part of investing in this stocks, no trend is for ever and no one knows when trend will change, as this stocks are rising their fall will be the same as well. Means, when these stocks start falling they will hit Lower Circuits for days and exiting your position will be as difficult as Buying because in Lower Circuit there are plenty of sellers but no buyers.

Once you are trapped no one knows when you will be able to exit, until you exit you would have booked tremendous losses.


Thank you so so much brother, i like ur explanation…