Stocks in holding, doing btst in same company. how to reduce DP charges!

If I buy 1 stock of ‘X’ company at 150 on (Day 1). On (day5) price move to 190 also to 175 on (day6) , Took position at 175 for BTST trade on (day 6). So how can I sell a stock which brought at 175 on (day7) at price 180 to avoid DP charges. [I want to hold stock in demat and want to sell stock in T1 on (day7)]

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When you sell shares from holdings it follows First In First Out method, so shares which you bought Day 1 will be sold first, not those bought on Day 6. There is no workaround against FIFO mechanism.


Faced a similar thing, had a question about the First In First Out method.

Is the FIFO mechanism a compliance requirement or is this specific to the Zerodha platform?

It is compliance requirement.

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