Stocks not being sold in Zerodha?

I had placed an order to sell 1000 shares of Ruchi Soya, at 9:17:13

At 12:43:57 100 shares were sold.

However, I notice that even at 13:47:28 900 shares are still pending for sale inspite of adequate quantities being sold. The trading volume was 48.04 lac shares

A 15:14 hrs the trading volume is 49.59 lac shares.

Obviously at 12:43:57 I was in queue as 100 shares were sold and subsequently between 13:47 to 15:14 hrs, over 1.5 lac shares got transacted, however my balance order is still not transacted.

Something fishy!!!

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Nothing wrong. Just because you place an order doesn’t mean execution is guaranteed. Especially in such chillar stocks.

@viveksah: Agree .you have a point to make. the answer provided by @ rahul is not appealing to me and the manner is rude.

Yes its a bit funny how your partial order executes, then someone else able to sell their 1 lac shares before yours gets executed.

Maybe somebody got special permission to jump the queue in NSE side, I dont think broker is at fault.

Hi @viveksah

When the stock opened it hit the lower price band (5% down) at Rs 10.30. Once it hit the lower price band there were no bids at that particular price which is why your order was pending. This would have affected everyone who had placed a sell order irrespective of which brokerage they use.

Even if orders were executed after it hit lower circuit, your pending order will be executed based on a price time priority on the exchange OMS.

Well got an answer, understand that if we place an order & have a certain % as disclosed quantity, then the system will sell the disclosed qty & then subsequently put your order for the next % of disclosed qty as a new order.So, if you place 1000 shares to sell with a disclosed qty of 100, then there will be 10 orders each one getting triggered after the first 100 is sold. I was under the impression that 10 simultaneous orders are created. Guess my impression was incorrect

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Well he is the loser, I made 10% in a week even after managing to sell at today’s lower circuit

@viveksah : my simple point was that when you are on public forum you have to be polite rather ultra polite and humble .if you can not control your irritation rather you be not on public forums.

First learning is if u trade in circuit stocks, use stop loss every morning

If you cant track every morning one day you may end up in Vakrangee kind of situation

True @sabkaview endorse your thoughts, however some people think otherwise.

You can raise complain to SEBI and get justice, I had also faced such issue with Indiainfoline and i had filed complain to sebi then loss amount was reversed in my account by company.

Same here. @nithin please fix the issue ASAP.

They will ask you read community guidelines :slight_smile: because all rights are reserved with them.

They can promote their exciting / new products but you can not posts about the performance of their product on same forum.

Also everything work fine on their machine, it’s you who is facing issue :expressionless:


This is a Zerodha issue. I placed an order from motilal oswal on nse. No issues there.

How come this post in not un-listed yet ? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


If other brokers place consecutive orders for the disclosed qty then Zerodha should also modify their systems accordingly. I think @NithinKamath should focus on ensuring perfection that Zerodha works as designed, as off & on there are technical issues which crop up.

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Disclosed quantity works same across all the brokers.

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Exactly , i came here to find that
Rules dont apply to all equally