Stocks popular with retail traders?


Is there a way to find out list of stocks which are popular with retail traders and less traded by Computers and Algos and HNIs?


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Maybe we can find it by filtering based on low volume and low traded value

Are all NIFTY 50, 100 and BANK NIFTY stocks traded by Algos and computers or will there be exceptions?

Reason I ask is, I have read that Computers are programmed specifically to fool the intra-day retailers. So want to keep away from such stocks.


Maybe but i dont know for sure. I came to the conclusion on the fact that Algo trading is responsible for good volume and huge turnover in NSE.

We should also be aware that stocks with low volume can be easily manipulated by operators.

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you can check delivery percentage of stocks.

Simply u r trading against computers and a jinius computer plus it has all data and u r novice plus no data, calcolate the percentage chance to win

Most F&O stocks are traded by algos and HFTs. You can easily tell that by observing how fast the market depth changes in some of those stocks.

thanks everyone