Stocks recommendation by CNBC Awaaz

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For a couple of weeks, I have started watching a show called Seedha Sauda that is aired on CNBC Awaaz at 7.20 AM Mon-Fri. There are 2 anchors who recommend 10 stocks and I have to say most of them hit UCs or 2-3%. Though being in market since March 2020 has trained me enough to search good stocks for trading yet don’t know how i find those stocks shown in that show quite promising. If anyone can advise, should I take position in them in less qty?

On avg there around 30-40k viewers, and suppose only 5k viewers places 100 qty orders at once (or within couple of minutes of their announcements), then it will surely move 2-3% if not circuit levels.

I have tried following their calls, but I was at net monthly loss. So I stopped it and advise you also not to trade their calls

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Thanks bro. One more doubt, as per your experience if you stayed in loss in month end then the one who was in position of these stocks before announcement might have been in profits then, so is there any way to get to know about these stocks before announcement?

They recommend based on the news/results.

In market pre-opening only you might see gap up of the stock. That even you can predict.

Just keep eyes on news. They have dedicated teams to look for 5K listed companies.


On a lighter note, only the anchor of the show knows about it (Refer to CNBC awaz pump and dump scheme)


I read it Prayag bro, that was an eye opener… thank you.