Stop loss for bullish marubuzo

Now for multiple candlestick patterns or for that matter any pattern has definite rules like for a bullish reversal the pattern should be formed in a downtrend and sorts. But for Marubuzo there is no trend rule.
Now my doubt is for example a bullish Marubuzo on an uptrend:

  1. In an uptrend there is no support lines but only resistance lines.
  2. Since the stop loss should be within 4% of the support line for a bullish reversal pattern, what will happen to bullish marubuzo then?


Not true, unless the stock is at an ‘All time high’.

The best part of marubuzo or any candlestick pattern is that they all come with a predefined SL price point. For instance, a bullish marubuzo has the low of the candle as the SL level.