Stop loss for selling

Suppose I get a stock for RS 80 with a target for selling at 100 (CNC)… I see it reached 105 and still rising… I want to let it rise and sell only if it falls to 100 to maximize gain, without loosing my target profit… How to do it…???


In this case, when the price is 105 and above or so, you can place sell SL-M order with trigger price @100, If market comes down to 100, system will trigger the SL order and sell @100. For Doing this, Go to your sell order and Select SL-M order type and put trigger price as 100.

Note : Order validity will be day, so if price doesn’t come down to 100, order will be cancelled once the market is closed. you need to place the fresh order next day again.


Thanks … That’s what I want to do… Sell only if if falls, else let it rise and keep, so that I can revise the order the next day…