Stop Loss hitting at Trigger price

Please check above image about my order using GTT for AARTI Industries- SELL order done at my stop loss trigger price of 833 where as set price is 800.

How is it happen. Anybody ,could you please explain

I believe your understanding is not correct, can check this for more and can create ticket there itself for any more clarifications.

My understanding is that in case of GTT SELL OCO either one of the trigger cancels other.
In my case Stop loss triggered and my order placed in exchange. My stoploss trigger price 833 and it got triggered, but its sell limit price was 800. My understanding is that it should sell at limit price of 800. But it sell executed at trigger price.

Once order is triggered it will go at price given, in this case it is 800. So if we place order to sell at 800 when market is more then it will trade at best available price. If you want to place a limit order at 800 sell then your trigger should be 800 or less than 800.

You have created your order to sell anywhere between 800 and 833 which is what happened. If you want to exit at or below 800, keep your trigger price as 800 and price as something lower than that.