Stop Loss on Positional Trade.

Newbie here,

I would be often out on work during market hours, Is it possible to keep stop loss for a positional/swing trade? If so then how and If not do you know any other ideas/techniques to deal with it during adverse market situations like the volatility that happened today.

Not all brokers have a GTC ( Good till Cancelled ) Order facility. If you are trading with a broker with no GTC order facility, your best options will be.

  1. Place a Stop-loss order daily.

  2. Make use of the Free Sentinel Price Cross Alert Feature, or a third party app that alerts you on such situation.

  3. Protect your holdings with a OTM long Put.

Our markets still operate with many areas of inefficient hardware and software technology.

For example Look at this trader, who placed a bracket order but managed to get only his entry order executed but his stop loss got cancelled.

Financial Risk in Stock Market comes when its least expected, with all the above protective measures in place it is still not fool proof that your capital is safe.