Stop Loss Order query in CNC option


Can I place a SL Buy order under CNC option in Kite? Suppose I want to buy a stock @100 and sell it @90 if it touches @90. Can I place this request in a single SL Buy order under CNC option? Please clarify.

BO (Bracket Order) and manual SL order are the only two ways I know to accomplish this.
Others, any ways you know?

@PrashDn but BO comes under the MIS. and how can we put Manual stoploss for order?

Means I am placing buy order for 100 stocks @150 and i want to sell it if it goes below 143 . is it possible for CNC order right?

Yes, you can do that. But it will done in two different order.

Once the CNC/MIS order has been executed

  1. Go to the postion/holding and click exit.
  2. New order window will open, select SL-M and place the trigger price (90) in your case.
  3. Place the order.

Note : This order will be only valid for the day. If it’s a positional trade, you have to place SL-M order on daily basis.