Stop loss orders for entry


I use stop loss buy or sell orders(limit) to gain entry into the market. But time and again I find that even when the market has crossed my trigger price, order is not released and I am not getting and entry.
This ofcourse happens when market is moving very fast and is very frustrating to see the market go without you.
Please enlighten me why stop-loss orders are not released even after market crosses the trigger point.
Thank you


Why don’t you try Stoploss-Market orders instead of limit? When the market moves very quickly, then even after the trigger price is hit, the limit orders could remain open unless the price retraces back to the limit price set.


Thank you. I wanted to avoid stoploss market orders because it my be filled at undesirable price. Iunderstand that if the market has not traded the limit price I have set, the order may not be released in the market